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Boise psych-rock / garage rock band

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Moon Owl's WHO?

Moon Owl’s Mages is a 4 piece psych rock band from Boise, Idaho.

Forming from playing in other bands and knowing each other in the local scene, the group came together with a challenge; to make a full LP in two weeks. Written, recorded, mixed and released two weeks later was ‘Skelly Bones Jones’, a concept record about a skeleton protagonist. Proof that creative boundaries, pressure, and friendship improves creativity and truth. COVID passed, things got crazy, the lineup added a new member, and in 2022 the mages were back swinging with a new record ‘Kill The Crackle’, featuring a more detail-oriented and realized band.

After two years full of shows, tours and some personal items, the mages are back in the stu. Cooking up some things the world has never before seen. Something full-on crankin…

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moon owls mages at flipside moon owls mages perform at treefort music hall moon owls mages playing flipside fest moon owls mages band photo moon owls mages in everett washington moon owls mages at kin in boise idaho moon owls mages at kilby court moon owls mages at the whysound

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